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Attorneys Practicing Employment Law, Portland Oregon

Terry Bittner
Kevin Swan
Eric S. Postma
Nathan Pogue


Proactive advice on compliance with the ever-changing array of employment laws returns value to our clients by minimizing employment liability, avoiding costly distraction from mission critical business functions, and improving employee retention. In the event an employment dispute or potential liability arises, our team, in addition to proactive advice, is experienced in representing employers both large and small, to efficiently combat and resolve these matters.

Types of Employment Law:

  • Advising employers and HR professionals on employee policies, employee handbooks, and employment procedures.
  • Advising employers and HR professionals on employee disciplinary matters and personnel file documentation.
  • Proactive advice to enable employers to achieve compliance with new and revised employment laws.
  • Drafting and effective implementation of Noncompetition, Nonsolicitation, Confidentiality, and employment agreements.
  • Representation of employers in various employment claims, either through appointment by their insurance carrier or through direct engagement with the employer.
  • Representation in executive and managerial level employment matters.
  • Employer representation in Bureau of Labor and Industries claims.
  • Employer representation in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims.